I'm Manduh
I like cuddles, video games and zombies.


"put ya tiddy in this ginger ale so i can take this picture…"

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kanye west

Pitbulls aren’t evil, the bastards who put them against each other are.

the fuckin dog is like
should i lick the bun
i’m gonna lick the bun
*licks the bun*

I know I always end up doing this but, Im sorry I’ve been away and MIA in the past forever! School and work has got me swamped! Top that with the fact that destiny came out last week, every free moment I have seems to be on that game, I have a serious problem. I mean I wake up early just to play this before i go to work/ school and as soon as i get back home Im on the again. the struggle is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. I havent been doing my homework (woopsies) and I have a test tmr haha. Top that with the fact that JACK will be in my hood TMR, nothing is getting done. Anyw ays, I hope to keep my word this time and come on here more frequently. I love you allllllllllllll and tell me about your life / what youve been up to recently <3 

Also if youre on XBONE and have destiny add me so we can play together and do RAIDSsss! (and you can hear my weird little girl voice)

XBL: Manduhsaurusrex