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Because a triplet is all we need…

i think about this a lot
After the 2 worst days ever I’m feeling pretty good #recovering #manyhappies

So I got food poisoning yesterday and I wanna die 😖


life problems
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"Carrie Brownstein is in my girlfriend’s textbook. She was in a band called Sleater-Kinney?" That’s the title of a post on the Portlandia fan forum on popular news and entertainment aggregate Reddit, submitted by a fan who was shocked to discover that Brownstein is also a musician of no small significance. And, as strange as it seems, more people probably now know Carrie Brownstein from her work on Portlandia than ever knew her from her 12-year run as the vocalist and guitarist for one of indie rock’s most iconic bands. Though she’s not the kind of person who would boast about the utter implausibility of someone becoming both a musician whose importance is written about in textbooks and a comedian who wins Peabody Awards, listen to Brownstein talk and you’ll realize that the same analytical mind that is able to so astutely satirize the absurdity of everyday life is equally capable of examining why Portlandia is able to succeed with the same people being satirized. Here, explaining the show’s unexpected success, its underlying philosophy, and its future trajectory, Brownstein turns her investigative tools on herself. [Note: These are extra portions of our interview with Carrie Brownstein, quotes that didn’t make it into our main print article on Portlandia.] (via Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia’s Current Season, Fan Pitches, Absurdity, and the Show’s Future | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)

this pic is crucial